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Putuo Temple Taihuyuan Taihu Amusement Park Ningbo Lulanqingsha Wolong Valley
IntroductionDalongqiu is located in Yandang Mountain scenic spot. After flowing pass longqiu bac
Lingyan Temple
IntroductionLingyan Temple tourism area, located in the southeast of the Changqing County, Jinan
Sanzhe Waterfall
IntroductionSanzhe Waterfall Scenic Zone is a hide-and-seek game played by the nature, even Xu X
Hezhang Peak
IntroductionThe Hezhang Peak in Yandang Mountain Scenic Area: towers to the northeast of Leqing
Fang Cave
Brief IntroductionFang Cave is located at the west of Lingyan Scenic Area.There are three spring
Wolong Valley
Wolong Valley, which is normally called Shichuankeng, is located at Lingyan Scenic Area,at the b
Rhinoceros Peak
Brief IntroductionRhinoceros Peak is head to east and when the moon rises from the east,it is ju
Small Dragon Waterfall
Small Dragon Waterfall is named Small Waterfall.The Yinlongzhangdi which is o­n the back of
Yuzeng Peak
Yuzeng Peak is the totem of Mount Zhong Yandang.The earliest records of Zhongyandang is cal
Swallow Tail Waterfall
Swallow Tail Waterfall is named Flying Spring,too.It is located in the west of Mount Huoyan and
 Furong Hotel adress: 2 Xiaoxia Road (Xiaoxia Lu) 
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